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  Where is the Church
  Today's present condition is not dissimilar to the condition of the first organization after Joseph's death.  Joseph Smith III's explanation of how the church survived during that dark and cloudy day provides enlightening guidance for our situation.

  Set of Missionary Tracts
   One each of all ten tracts: Redeemed by Jesus, Christian Covenant, Empowered by Jesus, Working with Jesus, The History of God's People, The Restoration, The Covenant's Record, The Restored Church, Zion, the Holy Kingdom and Life after Death.

  An Invitation to Disaffected Believers
   A number of believers in the Book of Mormon are disenchanted with the leadership of their respective church.  The Lord promised to bless all nation's through Joseph Smith's descendants.  That time is coming.

  The Continuation of the Reorganized Church
   Infighting within the Reorganized Church over doctrinal changes fragmented it  The COC has discarded its name and some traditional teachings.  How can the Reorganized Church continue during these difficult times?


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